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.. To celebrate reaching 500 Subscribers on my YouTube Channel Page I have created a very special game challenge!.. Download below :)


Thank You for Subscribing!!!!!!

Check out this video, and then grab the game below!



Over the past couple of weeks, I have created this game as a special challenge for my Subscribers! I've never made a game before, so I do hope you like it :)

HyperRush consists of three timed levels containing randomly generated enemies! How fast can you beat it? Upload your video response to the above video!!

Download it here!!

HyperRush requires DirectX 9 or later, and a video card with Pixel Shader 2 with 32 - 64Mb RAM. If you don't have the latest version of DirectX, HyperRush will take you directly to the Microsoft download page to grab the latest version!

Controls are:

  • Space - Fire
  • Left/Right Arrow - Move Ship
  • R - Restart Level
  • Escape - Quit Game