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.. These pages are a suppliment to my YouTube videos, which can be viewed on my YouTube Channel Page ..


Sega Saturn Switchless Mod

This mod allows the Sega Saturn to run games from any Region, and also allows 50/60Hz switching. The best part is its all controlled by the Saturn's reset switch!
Parts Needed:
Watch the below vids for creation of the board and installation. I have listed the common Jumper locations in the chart below the videos, as well as a diagram of the board layout..
Part 1 of Sega Saturn Switchless Mod. This video covers building the chip.
Part 2 of the Saturn Switchless Mod. This video covers installing the chip and testing..
Common Jumper Locations:
Model1 Saturn - NZ/AUS Model1 Saturn - NZ/AUS
50/60Hz Wire
If the method shown in my video doesn't work on your motherboard, or the points aren't there, then you need to find the Sega IC marked 315-5690 .. Sometimes this is labelled as IC14 on the motherboard. You need to lift Pin 79 from the IC, and solder the 50/60Hz wire to that. Use the below pictures to give you a bit of a guide:
Lift Pin 79 Lift Pin 79
Mod Chip Layout
Sega Saturn Region PCB
Special thanks to www.gamesx.com, www.mmmonkey.co.uk and sebs.riot.org. I take no credit for the above images and hex code, and am only hosting these here as a backup for the original sites and also as a singular location for anyone attempting this mod. The videos I have created above have mostly been made possible with the help of these web sites/creators.